eSafety19 - The online world we wanteSafety19 - The online world we want

11-12 September 2019
eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant and Martin Cocker, CEO of Netsafe New Zealand, welcome you to #eSafety19

The online world can be an empowering, fascinating and challenging place. How do we shape the future of the internet to see it reach its full potential and be a safer, more positive experience for everyone?

Join the world’s foremost academics, industry leaders, policy implementers, educators and young people, to help tackle the most important online safety issues of our time.

Lend your voice to this vital conversation and help create the online world we want.

Keynote speakers

Julie Inman Grant

Julie Inman Grant is the eSafety Commissioner of Australia, leading the first and only government agency in the world dedicated to protecting the online safety of its citizens.

“If we are going to stay ahead of tech, teens and tots, eSafety needs to be an innovative, nimble agency, delivering compassionate citizen services to those experiencing online abuse. Prevention through awareness and education, takedown services that remove and minimise harmful content, and proactive measures like #SafetybyDesign are key interventions to helping Australians realise the online world we want.”

Julie began her career working in the US Congress and non-profit sector before joining Microsoft, where she spent 17 years as one of their first and longest-serving government relations professionals, ultimately in the role of Global Safety Director. Julie then went onto Twitter, heading up Public Policy for Australia and South East Asia, where she managed a wide range of issues including online safety and countering violent extremism. Prior to becoming eSafety Commissioner, Julie served as Adobe’s Director of Government Relations, Asia Pacific. Julie is a fierce advocate for positive, balanced and educated approaches to managing online risks.


Martin Cocker

Martin Cocker has been Chief Executive Officer of Netsafe New Zealand since 2006.

“We need to energise people and organisations to make positive contributions to our online world. That means promoting a vision people can believe in and providing pragmatic solutions to bring that vision to life.”

As an independent, non-profit online safety organisation, Netsafe takes a positive approach to online safety with the aim of empowering New Zealanders to confidently take advantage of the opportunities technology makes available to them.

Netsafe was appointed to a lead role under the Harmful Digital Communications Act in 2016 and now provides direct assistance and intervention, education and policy advice services under contract to the New Zealand Government.


Tessy Ojo

Tessy Ojo is Chief Executive of The Diana Award – the only charity that bears the name of Diana, Princess of Wales – and has developed internationally recognised programs that give young people the skills to create positive change.

“More than ever before, protecting children and vulnerable adults from online harm must be a collective effort – bringing together our combined expertise from all walks of life to tackle, prevent, intervene and support young people to thrive. From my experience at The Diana Award, the distinction between online and offline is becoming increasingly blurred. There is an urgent need to ensure young people have the tools and skills to live their best lives and this must include their safety online.”

Tessy is a passionate campaigner for social equity and justice for young people. At the heart of her work is the belief that with the right support and investment, young people are the best instigators for achieving sustainable change for both themselves and society. Tessy sits on several non-executive boards including: The BBC Appeals Advisory Committee, Comic Relief, The Royal Taskforce on Cyberbullying and The UK Council for Child Internet Safety. In 2019 Tessy became the first British person to be honoured with the Martin Luther King Award.


Dr Sameer Hinduja

Dr Sameer Hinduja is a Professor at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University and Co-Director of the US Cyberbullying Research Center.

“Tap into the gifts and abilities that youth have and equip and inspire them to share stories – not just of their successes, but also their struggles.”

Sameer is an award-winning researcher, accomplished author and highly-regarded expert on cyberbullying and safe social media use. Sameer regularly provides expert commentary to media and government organisations. Sameer’s areas of expertise include cyberbullying, cyberstalking, digital self-harm, digital dating abuse, teen suicide, teen sexting and secondary victimisation.


Sonia Livingstone OBE

Sonia Livingstone OBE is a Professor of Social Psychology at London School of Economics and Political Science.

“Taking the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is a great starting point for action which reflects children’s voices, builds on shared values and inspires the innovative thinking that’s vital to create the online (and offline!) world we want.”

Sonia is currently leading the ‘Children’s Data and Privacy Online’ and ‘Parenting for a Digital Future’ projects and co-directs the ‘Global Kids Online’ project and ‘The Nurture Network’. Sonia has published twenty books on media and everyday life, media audiences, children and digital media, media literacy and children’s rights in the digital environment.


David Finkelhor

David Finkelhor is the Director of the Crimes against Children Research Center, Co-Director of the Family Research Laboratory and Professor of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire, USA.

“The line between the online world and the offline world is about to get very fuzzy. So let’s talk about the world we want.”

David has studied and written prolifically about the problems of child victimisation, child maltreatment and family violence since 1977. His areas of expertise include family, mental health, social psychology, sexual behaviour, family violence, victimology, criminology, child maltreatment trends and internet-related child victimisation.

Stephen Balkam

Stephen Balkam is founder and CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI): an international, non-profit organisation based in Washington, DC.

"Let's begin by dropping fear-based messaging. Scaring kids or their parents is counter-productive and leads to overreactions. Let’s inform, empower and encourage healthy and civil online behaviors - beginning with us adults!”

FOSI convenes the world’s top thinkers and practitioners in government, industry and the non-profit sectors, to create a “culture of responsibility” in the online world – ultimately making it safer for children and their families. Stephen’s vast leadership, advisory and non-profit sector experience spans 30 years in both the USA and UK.


Hugh Riminton

Hugh Riminton is the National Affairs Editor at Network Ten.

"I have four children, three under 13. I worry about their online safety. I have seen the malign effects of the digital age, whether on politics, or in the Christchurch massacres, or in something like the SKYPE scandal. We need better answers."

Hugh is an author, broadcaster, television news presenter, editor and former political and foreign correspondent. He is a co-founder of two national charities; ‘Soldier On’ for veterans' welfare and the ‘John Mac Foundation’ which provides scholarships for students from refugee backgrounds.


Uncle Charles 'Chicka' Madden

Uncle Charles 'Chicka' Madden is a Gadigal Elder from Sydney

Highly respected Gadigal elder, Uncle Chicka has lived in Redfern and the inner city of Sydney for most of his life. A tireless community leader, he has served as Director of the Aboriginal Medical Service, member and representative of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, Director of the Aboriginal Hostels NSW and is a life member of the Redfern All Blacks. Uncle Chika is also an accomplished sculptor and painter, drawing inspiration from his Gadigal country and culture.

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