Older Australians and the fear of technology

Older Australians and the fear of technology

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Older Australians and the fear of technology

Many older Australians have fears about going online. They are reluctant to engage with technology because of security concerns and a lack of skill.

Security concerns

  • Vulnerability of devices to hacking – 72% internet user versus 66% non-internet user
  • Details being stolen when buying online – 55% internet user versus 62% non-internet user
  • The legitimacy of online stores – 55% internet user versus 54% non-internet user
  • Knowing if received emails are genuine  - 54% internet user versus 47% non-internet user
  • Online banking not being secure  - 52% internet user versus 66% non-internet user

Real online experiences

45% reported experiences with virus, scam, credit card and personal information theft.

  • 47% - 50 to 69 year olds
  • 40% - 70+ year olds

The general fears undermining confidence (for those no to low digital literacy)

  • Hackers and privacy compromised
  • Performing unfamiliar tasks
  • Breaking ‘something’ and incurring additional costs to fix the ‘damage’
  • Burdening family for help
  • The stress of contacting online support
  • Losing face when asking for help

Source: Research commissioned by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, May to June 2017. Respondents included 3,602 adults aged 50 years and over in Australia.

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