Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Safer Internet Day – Workplace and community

Over the past year, the internet has brought us together to work, learn, socialise and share more than ever. We need to make sure it's as safe as possible, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of being connected.

Safer Internet Day on 9 February 2021 is a great opportunity for all organisations to start the chat about being safer online, then keep building the digital skills of your staff, colleagues, customers, members or community throughout the year.


Steps to start the chat

There are lots of ways your organisation, business, club or group can support Safer Internet Day on& 9 February 2021.

Simply click on the tabs below to register your support and download the free resources, then promote Safer Internet Day and share eSafety's online safety information!


1. Register support

  1. Register your support

Show your support for Safer Internet Day, alongside millions of other people around the world. Let's work together for a better internet!

When you register we can share Safer Internet Day tips with you and let you know as soon as new resources are available.


Register now


2. Download and promote

  2. Download the promotion kit

Download the promotion kit, use it to let your networks know about Safer Internet Day and encourage them to join in. Decorate your foyer, staff room or virtual spaces!

Promotion kit

  • Web banner – add to your website in the lead up to Safer Internet Day to show your support.
  • Email banner – add to all your correspondence!
  • Posters – use the Start the chat posters to promote Safer Internet Day and the activities and events you are hosting in your workplace and community. Display or share the Top tips for online safety poster.
  • Newsletter insert – include in your newsletter or a blogpost, to let your networks know about Safer Internet Day and eSafety's free parent webinar Cyberbullying and online drama. Or print the inserts and hand them out as flyers – two will fit on an A4 page.
  • Zoom and Teams backgrounds – for virtual Safer Internet Day events, or just to prompt staff and clients to start the chat about online safety.
  • Social media image – post some tiles and suggested messages to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn (or all of them!)
  • Start the chat bubble – fill some out and share them on social media, or use them to decorate your workplace, centre or clubhouse.

Download kit

3. Spread online safety

  3. Spread online safety

Your business, organisation, club or group can play an important role in educating all Australians about online safety.

Whether you host an information session on Safer Internet Day, share eSafety tips internally and externally, or encourage your networks to explore our free advice, the resources are all here at your fingertips ...

Help us trend

  • Share on social media – help positive action trend on Safer Internet Day! Start the chat on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by using the tiles and suggested messages in the promotion kit, or create your own. Don't forget to add #SID2021 #StartTheChat and tag @eSafetyOffice.
  • Post on LinkedIn – add one of the tiles or banners in the promo kit to a LinkedIn post sharing why you think Safer Internet Day is important and how you will start the chat to help create better online experiences. (The Twitter tile is a good size for LinkedIn.)
  • Showcase your 'start the chat' bubbles – fill them out with an online safety pledge or tip and share them on social media. By telling the world you care about online safety you can encourage others to support online safety too!
  • Post a video message – share an online safety tip, let people know what you are doing to start the chat, or tell them why you think a better internet is important.


Explore eSafety's newest resources

Our new resources will help you start the chat about online safety on Safer Internet Day and throughout the year:

  • Research report Digital Lives of Aussie Teens. To be released on Safer Internet Day 2021.
  • Swoosh, Glide and Rule Number 5 picture book and My Family Rules song by Lah-Lah, for young children. To be released on Safer Internet Day 2021.
  • eSafety's free webinar for parents and carers, Cyberbullying and online drama, with information sheets to download and keep. Limited spaces. Sign up now!


Check out our online safety hub

Let your staff, colleagues, customers, members or community know about the wide range of tips and resources available at, including:

  • Tech trends and challenges pages, looking at the latest digital developments and what they mean for online safety
  • Research pages, taking a deeper dive into online behaviour and best practice responses
  • Parents pages, covering topics from dealing with tech tantrums through to how to start hard-to-have conversations about issues such as online pornography and sending nudes
  • advice on tech gifts for children and young people in our Gift Guide
  • our step by step guide that helps you identify and Report abuse online.

You can also display or share the Top tips for online safety, included in the promotion kit under tab 2. Download and promote. The six easy steps are a great way to start improving online safety – and if people want to know more, you can simply refer them to our website at