Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Safer Internet Day – Primary years

Did you know? 1 in 5 young people reported being abused, threatened or socially excluded online.

eSafety resources can help you start the chat with your students about being safer online, then keep building their digital skills throughout the year.

Plan your back-to-school activities around Safer Internet Day on 9 February 2021!


Steps to start the chat

You will find lots of ideas, resources, lessons and activities for primary school students by clicking on the tabs below.

On Safer Internet Day we are launching:

  • Be an eSafe kid: Fake news, real harms, a new Virtual Classroom webinar for middle and upper primary students. Limited spaces – enrol now!
  • two new resources for young children, the Swoosh, Glide and Rule Number 5 picture book and My Family Rules song by Lah-Lah.

Register your support, download the free resources and get planning!


1. Register support

  1. Register your support

Show your support for Safer Internet Day, alongside millions of other people around the world. Let's work together for a better internet!

When you register we can share Safer Internet Day tips with you and let you know as soon as new resources are available, including digital and printed copies of the Swoosh, Glide and Rule Number 5 picture book and My Family Rules song by Lah-Lah.


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2. Download resources

  2. Download free eSafety resources

Use the Promotion Kit to let your staff, students, families and community know about Safer Internet Day.

Promotion kit


  • School newsletter insert – to let parents and carers know about Safer Internet Day and our new parent webinar Cyberbullying and online drama. Or print and hand them out as flyers!
  • Posters – to promote online safety in your community and to let students know about Safer Internet Day activities and events within the school.
  • Start the chat bubble – students can draw or write their responses, then you can use them to decorate your classroom or school, or share them on social media. By telling the world your school cares about online safety you can encourage others to support online safety too!
  • Social media post – start the chat on social by using the image and one of the suggested messages, or create your own. Don't forget to add #SID2021 #StartTheChat and tag @eSafetyOffice.

TIP: Remember to follow our Guidelines for social media use, video sharing and online collaboration, to ensure you keep the privacy of your students safe if you plan to share photos in your newsletter or on your social media channels.

Download kit


New classroom resources  available now!

Use these resources to help start the chat about online safety.

Find more resources, links and ideas in Step 3 Plan an online safety lesson.


Safer Internet Day releases  coming soon!

  • Swoosh, Glide and Rule Number 5 picture book and My Family Rules song by Lah-Lah – to be released on Safer Internet Day 9 February 2021.



3. Plan a lesson

  3. Plan an online safety lesson

eSafety is encouraging every classroom in Australia to plan an online safety lesson for Safer Internet Day. Select one of these activities or use our resources to create your own!

Virtual Classroom webinars – middle and upper primary

Enrol your class or school in our live webinar for Safer Internet Day, Be an eSafe kid: Fake news, real harms.

Students will explore critical thinking skills including:

  • identifying trustworthy information about current issues
  • detecting fake news and sponsored endorsements
  • recognising the harm caused by misinformation online
  • where to go for help if things go wrong.

The whole class participates in a live video lesson with a trainer. The trainer talks through PowerPoint slides and students complete a worksheet during the presentation. There are optional follow-up activities.



Classroom learning experiences – all ages


Something special for Foundation to Year 2

  • Read the new eSafety Early Years picture book Swoosh, Glide and Rule Number 5 to your class – there's a read-along video too! To be released on Safer Internet Day 2021.
  • Sing My Family Rules Song by Lah-Lah – there's a sing-along video too! To be released on Safer Internet Day 2021.
  • Play the Swoosh and Glide story puzzles. Available now!


Advanced concepts for upper primary

  • Discuss our new research report Digital Lives of Aussie Teens. To be released on Safer Internet Day 2021.


Online safety at the click of a link


4. Review safety

  4. Review school online safety

Have you reviewed your school's approach to online safety recently, including all your practices and procedures? There's no better time to do it than at the start of the year!

Check eSafety's Toolkit for Schools

  • Use the Toolkit for Schools to check your practices and procedures are evidence-based and up-to-date, so you can prevent and respond to online safety issues.
  • Conduct a Student voice survey of school community attitudes to online safety using our NEW resource in the Toolkit for Schools. Available now!


Encourage student commitment

Use the new Online Safety Classroom Agreement to discuss and decide how digital technology will be used in your classrooms or school, then review and renew the agreements through the year. Available now!


Find online safety advice at the click of a link

Bookmark the Quick Links for interactive devices, so you always have online safety advice at your fingertips. Available now!


Keep parents informed

Tell your parents and wider community about the tips and resources available at, including:

  • free, live webinars for parents and carers – Cyberbullying and online drama
  • Parents pages, covering topics from dealing with tech tantrums through to how to start hard-to-have conversations about personal issues
  • Tech trends and challenges pages, looking at the latest digital developments and what they mean for online safety
  • Research pages, including our new report Digital Lives of Aussie Teens (to be released on Safer Internet Day 2021).