Snapchat and airG join the fight against cyberbullying

Snapchat and airG are the latest social media services to join the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner’s complaint scheme for resolving serious cyberbullying that targets Australian children.

‘By joining with us, these services will work collaboratively with our Office in the removal of serious cyberbullying material that may be experienced by young Australians,’ says Acting Children’s eSafety Commissioner, Andree Wright.

Latest research shows one in five Australian teenagers aged 14 – 17 have experienced cyberbullying in the 12 months to June 2016.

‘airG services are popular amongst Indigenous communities in rural and remote areas of Australia, thus extending the Office’s cyberbullying safety net for Indigenous young people’.

‘Both Snapchat and airG have demonstrated their commitment to actively assisting young people who experience cyberbullying and we look forward to a cooperative partnership,’ says Wright.

Snapchat is the fourth most popular social media service with Australians under 18, used by 30 percent of children (8-13) and 57 percent of teens (14-17).

airG is a reseller subscription service available to Telstra mobile customers. airG services include airG Divas and airG Chat, airG Lifestyle, airG Movies, airG Sports and airG Gamers.

The Office received 258 complaints about serious cyberbullying in its first 15 months of operation, with a 75 percent increase in the September quarter compared to the same time last year. 

In October, the Office launched Rewrite Your Story, a youth focussed project, to promote its cyberbullying complaints scheme. The second of eight short videos—Cal— depicting realistic cyberbullying scenarios was released earlier this month.

‘As awareness of our office increases, and more social media services partner with us, Australian youth can feel increasingly confident that together we can disrupt cyberbullying and effect lasting positive change’ says Wright.

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