The Global Online Safety Regulators Network

Global Online Safety Regulators Network logo

eSafety has worked with regulators in Fiji, Ireland and the United Kingdom, to form a Global Online Safety Regulators Network.

Through this, we will encourage wider international membership and cooperation, with the aim of making sure the approach to online safety between countries is as consistent and coherent as possible.

The Network will share information, best practice, expertise and experience, to support harmonised or coordinated approaches to online safety issues. Members share a commitment to human rights, democracy and the rule of law, and to acting independently of commercial and political influence. A Roadmap for Action sets out how the Network will meet its three core strategic priorities:

  • Strategic communications – Develop and release position statements to support a clear collective voice for the Network on online safety issues.
  • Harmonisation – Develop a compendium of regulatory approaches and identify areas for cooperation. 
  • Cooperation – Develop a data sharing protocol to support cooperation and collaboration.