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Resources for international audiences

eSafety has drawn on its extensive research and experience to develop online safety advice for resources for international audiences. These resources are full of practical tips. 

On this page:

Resources for adaptation

These editable PDF documents can be adapted to include local hotline and helpline information. 

Parents and carers of young children

Parents and carers will find information and practical tips in the online safety advice booklet. Download the editable PDF version of the booklet to add your country's local helplines and support service links.

Parents and carers can encourage online safety by helping their children read the story puzzle book, understand the information and follow the instructions for the fun activities.


Fijian resources

Under the Pacific partnership, eSafety and the Fiji Online Safety Commission have developed localised Fijian versions of two online safety booklets in English, Fiji Hindi and iTaukei. 

Keeping children safe online:

Online safety for the early years:


More online safety advice and resources 

You can also explore other online safety advice and resources in a variety of different languages. Please note: Some translations contain specifically Australian information about local support agencies.

Last updated: 15/02/2024