Why schools are getting on board

Michelle, Head of Technology and Enterprise, loves that the program is led by the students themselves. “It gives them an opportunity to teach and learn new skills”.


School Principal, Maria, sees the program empowering her students while helping the school build relationships in the community.

“Students are encouraged to think for themselves…with the program giving them a view of society beyond themselves”.
Kay, Social Justice Coordinator.


“The program is an example of reciprocal learning… encouraging students to work with people of different backgrounds”.
Helen, Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning.

Hear the benefits for student mentors

“It’s a two-way street.” It gives me a sense of reward and satisfaction.
Vice Captain and Vice Lead, Student Representative Council.


Listen to how the program supported this student mentor to help an elderly citizen engage online.

“I’m very, very privileged to be part of the program.”
Year 12 student.


“I would describe the program as valuable.” It helps me build interpersonal skills…and I am helping others.
Year 12 Student.

Libraries and community

Why libraries are getting on board

“The program is a win-win…We are helping the community…and the students get a lot out of it”.
Greg, Aged and Disability Services Librarian.



Hear the benefits for older Australians

“It’s a whole new world out there,” says this older mentee. The program has helped her engage with that world by allowing her to learn at her own pace.


The skills this older mentee learned through the one-on-one program, allowed him to safely use his smartphone despite hearing and sight difficulties.


Aged care facilities

Why are aged care facilities getting on board?

“The program is straightforward.” I’ve witnessed how residents have grown in confidence…and happiness.
Louise, Enrichment Technology Adviser, Amana Living..


Emily, Enrichment Volunteer Manager at Amana Living, has seen how the program helps residents overcome fears and explore the online world in a safe and supportive way.


Hear the benefits for aged care facility residents

Learning on an iPad and then on a laptop, this resident no longer feels overwhelmed but sees it as a “marvellous opportunity”.


Hear how the program “started opening new doors” for this aged care resident.


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