How do I know if my child is cyberbullying others?

If your child is treating others badly, is dismissive of their feelings or targeting or intentionally excluding a particular child or group, they could be seen as someone who bullies. If they also socialise online there is a chance they may also be bullying that person or group online too.

How can I stop my child from cyberbullying others?

Finding out your child is bullying others can be very painful but you can help them to change as it is an early warning. We find that many children who target others may need help and guidance and positive engagement with you.

Strategies you can adopt include:
  • Talking to the school about your child’s academic achievement, learning style and abilities and whether they need additional support. Ensure you praise strengths.
  • Helping develop their social skills - your school can help support your child’s social skills development.
  • Talking about how it feels to be left out or teased in a manner that they can relate too.
  • Encouraging your child to be honest about their behaviour and apologise to those they have bullied.
  • Talking about accepting differences and how to better deal with annoying people.
  • Modelling appropriate ways of dealing with people with examples from your life such as a difficult colleague—younger children can learn about being a good winner and loser in games.
  • Talking about the consequences of treating others badly and following it through, i.e. if they are rude they need to apologise and lose access to something they enjoy. Remember to also praise any change for the good so they start afresh.
  • Identifying activities where your child can be successful or feel good about themselves such as membership of a sports club or an art class.
  • Praising your child’s strengths and any behaviour changes they try to make and practice treating others well at home.
  • Spending one on one time with your child such as watching a movie, playing sport together or cooking with them.
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