Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Online Safety Grants Program

The Online Safety Grants Program, led by the eSafety Commissioner, is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to keeping children and young people safe online. 

Grant funding of between $80,000 and $1 million is available to non-government organisations (NGOs) that deliver online safety education to children, young people and their communities, or training to those who work with them. A total of $9 million will be allocated starting in mid-2020.

The objectives of the Online Safety Grants Program are to:

  • support innovative development, collaboration and implementation of online safety education programs
  • ensure children, young people and their communities can access inclusive, citizen-focused online safety education resources
  • promote and increase the positive and safe use of digital technologies in at-risk communities, via improvements in service delivery 
  • contribute to driving diversity and inclusion online
  • maximise opportunities for all Australians to understand the online safety support, complaints and referral pathways they can access
  • create a culture where safe online behaviours among children and young people become the ‘norm’ 
  • deliver projects that use co-design and evidence-based frameworks as standard practice for delivering online safety education
  • embed Safety by Design principles, where appropriate.

Who should apply?

We are seeking applications from NGOs that can demonstrate an ability to use evidence-based research and best practice in online safety education to develop services, resources and products that provide new solutions for improving online safety. 

These can be:

  • for use in schools and other places of learning
  • designed for parents and carers, communities or support workers 
  • focused on at-risk communities
  • aimed at scaling up new services, resources or products.

How to apply

Information about the online application process will be available on this page soon.  

Register your organisation’s interest in the Online Safety Grants Program, so we can send you updates when the 2020 grant round opens.