Choose consciously

When you choose consciously you make well informed decisions about who you share information with and how you engage with others. You are in charge of how you interact online and you can use your digital literacy and know-how to protect yourself and your friends.

Choosing consciously means being aware that you are in control of the decisions you make online. It means thinking before sharing your personal information and understanding that your choices can last forever.

When you are online make a decision to:
  • choose privacy and security settings carefully and check them regularly
  • choose friends wisely online — not everybody online is who they claim to be, regularly review your connections and remove people
  • if you have made a mistake apologise and take down offensive material as soon as possible
  • ask for permission before uploading pictures of your friends.

Digital DNA

From the moment we're born - and sometimes even before - our digital identity is established.

As we grow, our digital footprint grows, which is why it's important we treat our digital selves with the same care and attention we give ourselves in the real world.

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