Pair is a dating app which utilises three methods of matchmaking. Basic (unpaid) users can swipe through ‘Faces’—much like the ‘swipe right for yes/left for no’ model popularised by Tinder. Premium (paid) subscribers can also select common interests to find matches or use ‘Ava’—the app’s intelligent matching assistant which mines user profiles for preferences, likes/dislikes, etc.

Pair’s mission statement is to “bring back respect and honesty to dating.” It places an emphasis on security and authenticity, requiring a phone number and an in-app selfie to be taken during sign-up, meaning at least one profile picture for each user will be genuine and unaltered.

The app claims to be a domain of good etiquette and respectful interactions and employs a feedback system so users can rate each other, much like other rating systems used by transport, travel or food delivery services. Unsolicited messages are not permitted on Pair, so users only interact with people they have ‘liked’.

Pair FAQs

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