ALIBI Witness 2.0

Minimum age according to Alibi Witness
3+ Minimum age according to Alibi Witness

What is ALIBI Witness 2.0?

ALIBI Witness 2.0 is a video surveillance central management system (CMS) mobile app. You can remotely control up to 16 recording devices from your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to watch live and recorded video with audio, download snapshots and offload video directly to your mobile device.
Alibi Witness 2.0 is compatible with Analog, HD-TVI, HD Analog, and IP video formats. Observint Technologies also sell similar consumer apps such as ALIBI Witness (Version 1), ALIBI Cloud VS and HD Vision Mobile.

Apps: Android app, Apple iOS

How do people use ALIBI Witness 2.0?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with mobile video surveillance interfaces like ALIBI Witness 2.0.

ALIBI Witness 2.0 is used for: anonymous, live streaming, photo/video sharing, content sharing and location sharing.

How can you protect your privacy and security?

ALIBI Witness 2.0 does not provide specific online safety information.*

Key Links

  • Instructions
    Learn how the ALIBI Witness app works and access links to PDF manuals for Android or Apple iOS.
  • Contact the Developer
    Contact the ALIBI Witness 2.0 developer, Observint Technologies.

*at the time of publication