Minimum age according to Dubsmash
13+ Minimum age according to Dubsmash

What is Dubsmash?

Dubsmash is a video editing mobile app which allows you to produce videos or ‘dubs’ by pairing your own lip sync or dance videos with music and captions. Dubs are saved on your profile and can be shared on third-party social media sites. Users can follow each other, collect likes, chat and send videos privately. The dubs with the most likes are posted in the app’s daily feed. You can also enter challenges where all users record videos to the same song to create a compilation. These compilations are often published on video sharing platforms such as YouTube.

In December 2020 Dubsmash announced they had been acquired by Reddit.

Website: dubsmash.com
Apps: Android app, Apple iOS app 

How do people use Dubsmash?

Learn about the risks and benefits associated with how people use video editing apps like Dubsmash.

Dubsmash is used for:  photo/video sharing, video playing/editing, content sharing, online chat/messagingonline relationships and online relationships

How can you report inappropriate content or block another user?

  • Dubsmash FAQs
    Learn how to make your profile private, block other users, turn off commenting, report inappropriate content and more. 

How can you protect your personal information?

  • Privacy policy
    Learn how Dubsmash collects, stores and shares your personal information, including its policy on collecting personal information about children
  • Data Privacy Notice
    Learn about the recent Dubsmash data breach, good password practices and which types of personal information should never be shared.

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