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What is Hike Sticker Chat – HikeMoji?

Hike Sticker Chat – HikeMoji is an encrypted messaging app where you can create your own HikeMoji character and personalised stickers messages to communicate with your contacts. The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict what you are going to type, then generates or suggests stickers for one-click replies. Hike Sticker Chat was designed to make messaging easier, more visually expressive and to help overcome language barriers. The app also offers group messaging, password protected chats, voice calls and money transfers.

Website: www.hike.in/

Apps: AndroidApple iOS

How do people use Hike Sticker Chat - HikeMoji?

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Hike Sticker Chat - HikeMoji is used for online chat/messaging, voice chat, content sharing, encryption, online relationships, photo/video sharing and money transfers.

How can you get support or block someone?

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