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Minimum age according to Spotafriend
13+ Minimum age according to Spotafriend

What is Spotafriend?

Spotafriend is an app for teenagers to connect with other teenagers in their local area. The app works by swiping right on the pictures of people you would like to become friends with. If both people accept, they are matched and can private message one another. Spotafriend says it is intended as a friendship rather than a dating app, although there is no way to control how users use the app or if people over the age of 18 create accounts.


Apps: Android app, Apple iOS

How do people use Spotafriend?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use social media apps like Spotafriend.

Spotafriend is used for: in-app purchasing, location sharing, messaging/online chat and online relationships.

How can you report online abuse, ask for content to be removed or block someone?

Spotafriend offers limited advice about how to report abuse, cyberbullying or inappropriate behaviour within the app. 

You can report or unfriend a user you have matched with by clicking the exclamation (!) symbol in the top right-hand corner.*

How can you protect your personal information?

Spotafriend does not provide advice about how to protect your personal information.*

  • Delete your account
    Advice on how to delete your account.
  • Privacy policy
    Outlines Spotafriend’s privacy policy including the information they collect and how they use your data.
  • Terms of use
    The terms you agree to when you use Spotafriend.


Key safety links

Spotafriend does not provide specific online safety information.

*Accurate at the time of publication.