Google image blocking


If your intimate image has been shared without your consent there are steps you can take to have it removed.

If you report it to our image-based abuse portal we will work to get the content removed. 
While we do this, you can also request that Google block the image or video from appearing in Google search results. 
This means the image or video won’t appear in any Google searches, although they will remain on the websites they were posted to.

Here are the steps to ask for an image or video to be blocked from Google searches.

Open the Google search engine at
Type in ‘Remove unwanted and explicit, personal images from Google’

Select ‘Remove unwanted and explicit, personal images from Google’ ...

Select ‘this form’
At the question ‘What do you want to do?’
Select ‘Remove information you see in Google Search’

At the Item ‘The information I want removed is:’
Select ‘In Google’s search results and on a website’

At the question ‘Have you contacted the site’s webmaster?’ select the ‘Yes, but they haven’t responded’ option.
At the Item ‘I want to remove’
Select ‘I want to remove a picture of myself’

At the question Are you (or someone you are authorized to represent) in the images or videos and are you nude or are they otherwise sexually explicit?
Select ‘Yes’

At the question ‘Have you ever consented to the distribution of the images or videos?’
Select ‘No’

Fill in the Personal Information.

At the question ‘URL(s) you want removed’, list each specific URL that contains any image or video of you.
You can copy and paste these from the address bar in your browser.

At the Item ‘URL(s) of the Google search results page(s) that contains the link(s) to the above webpage(s)’:
List all the Google search results URLs.

Please note each page of search results has a unique URL so, for example, for three pages of search results you would list three URLs.

At the item ‘Please upload one or more representative screenshots of the offending pages that will allow us to identify the content’:

Upload supporting documents and screen shots. 

Include as much information as possible. 

State that the images or videos being reported are explicit and have been shared without consent. 

Include any other information that might help Google to understand what’s happened.

It can be useful to paste all of this in a Word document and upload that document. 

The document should include each URL that needs to be reported along with a screenshot of the page.

Complete the electronic signature and date and Submit.