Setting Strong Passcodes to protect iPhones and iPads


It is important that Passcodes are used to prevent others accessing a phone or tablet, and the contacts, emails, and other account information within.

A Passcode is like a combination for a safe. It has to be entered before a device will open.
It can be a series of numbers or a mix of numbers and letters.
For newer iPhones and iPads a Fingerprint Pattern can be used.

Because an iPhone or iPad contains your information it is important that the Passcode can’t be guessed easily.

To set your Passcode, open settings

Select Touch ID & Passcode

Select change Passcode or Turn Passcode On

Select Passcode Options

Select either a Custom Numeric Code or Custom Alphanumeric Code

Create a passcode that is at least 6 digits long. 8 digits is ideal as it is harder to guess. Remember don’t use birthdates, names or addresses.

Remember to never share this passcode with anyone, including children if they are in contact with a current or ex abusive partner.

You can also set a fingerprint as the Passcode.

Users with an iPhone X, can choose to use Face ID authentication to protect their device, in addition to their Passcode.