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Join the eSafety Youth Council

eSafety seeks new members for the Youth Council every two years.

If you’re passionate about having your voice heard, helping other young people to have positive experiences online and working as part of a team, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.


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What is the eSafety Youth Council?

The eSafety Youth Council is made up of young people who have a range of lived experiences, come from various places across Australia and represent different gender identities and cultures.

eSafety is committed to amplifying the voice of the Council and providing the opportunity for meaningful input to policies and programs. In doing this, eSafety facilitates and supports Council members to share their vision of what a safer and more positive online world could look like.

Who are we looking for?

eSafety is looking for young people who are Australian residents aged between 13 and 24 years with diverse backgrounds, life experiences and locations to apply for the eSafety Youth Council.

We aren’t looking for the loudest voice – we’re looking for a range of personalities, leadership styles and backgrounds.

You do not need to have experience – you only need to want to participate and use your voice.

What to expect as a Youth Council member?

You should expect to actively participate in and contribute to a range of activities and discussions during Council meetings. This includes sharing your experiences and exploring new ways to create more positive online experiences for young people.

You will meet with other young people from across Australia who are also interested in finding solutions to the online safety issues that are affecting young people. You will be offered opportunities to develop your leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.

What is required in the role?

  • A willingness to actively contribute to and participate in Council activities and discussions.
  • A commitment to attend four meetings during the year (online and in-person).
  • Access to a computer and reliable internet for online meetings.
  • For young people under the age of 18, parent/guardian consent is needed to apply for the Council.
  • For young people 18 and over, a valid Working with Children check (WWCC) is needed (relevant to your state/territory).

Frequently asked questions

Any young person who is an Australian resident between the ages of 13 and 24 can apply for the eSafety Youth Council. We welcome applications from young people with a diverse range of experiences, social and economic backgrounds, genders, and cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

If you are under the age of 18, you will need to complete a consent form to show that you have your parent or carer’s consent to submit an application.

You can apply to be part of the Council if you will turn 13 years old within at least 6 months of the application closing date.

You can apply to be part of the Council if you will be 24 years old for at least 9 months from the application closing date.

You will not need to apply for another Working with Children Check as long as it is still current and valid in your residential state or territory.

You can provide written responses in the text fields of the application form or in a Word document. Responses are limited to 300 words per question.

If you prefer to provide a video response, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and set the privacy settings to ‘unlisted’. To submit your video, provide a link in the application form.

Word documents and all other submission types can be uploaded as a file via the 'file upload' option. All uploaded files should be a maximum size of 25MB.

Your referee should be able to support your application and be someone who you think will be able to speak about why you would be an asset to the eSafety Youth Council. They could be a teacher, employer or community leader.

Your referee cannot be someone related to you.

You can use our endorsement letter template or write your own endorsement letter.

You can expect the new Council to be announced in April.

To withdraw your application, you will need to email us at indicating that you would no longer like to apply for the eSafety Youth Council and would like to withdraw your application.

You can expect to discuss a wide range of topics related to young people and online safety. These may include (but are not limited to) cyberbullying and harassment, mental health and wellbeing, privacy, the impact of algorithms and unwanted contact online.

You will also have access to mental health support services during your time on the Council if needed.

There is no cost to you to be part of the Council. You will be provided with honorariums to compensate for your time and contributions during Council meetings.

Travel for eSafety face-to-face meetings will be arranged by eSafety.

You can expect to have meetings in April, June, September and December each year. Online meetings are usually held after school hours and face-to-face meetings are usually whole-day events.

Last updated: 01/12/2023