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eSafety Youth Council

The eSafety Youth Council gives young people the opportunity to share their insights and experiences about online safety with eSafety and Government.

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A day in the life – eSafety Youth Council

See what eSafety Youth Council members got up to at their first face-to-face meeting.

eSafety Youth Council’s first in-person meeting

In April 2023, eSafety Youth Council members gathered at the eSafety Sydney office for their first face-to-face meeting, where they discussed the benefits and risks of gaming for young people and their communities.

Following the success of its open letter to the Big Tech industry, the Council also had the opportunity to meet with senior leaders of a range of Big Tech organisations to examine the online safety issues young people face and brainstorm strategies to improve online experiences.

What is the eSafety Youth Council? 

The eSafety Youth Council gives young people, aged 13 to 24 years, an avenue to influence issues that matter most to them, by engaging in meaningful discussion and sharing their knowledge and experiences with eSafety. It also offers an opportunity to share insights for policy and program design on online safety education and issues now and into the future.

The Council was appointed in 2022 and is made up of young people who have a range of lived experiences, come from various places across Australia and represent different gender identities and cultures.

The formation of the Council was informed by recommendations from Western Sydney University’s Youth engagement report, commissioned by eSafety and co-designed with young people. The research explored the online experiences of young Australians and inspired the development of the Youth aspirational statement.

Why young people's voices are important

There are many ways that young people can lead and influence change. 

The Council enables young people to have their say and offer a valuable perspective about the issues they face online. The diversity of the group encourages different points of view about online issues and industry, and these can be readily shared with eSafety and Government. eSafety is committed to prioritising youth insights, perspectives and aspirations. 

The Council have discussed and provided insights on:

  • the role and influence of the eSafety Youth Council
  • young people’s experiences with cyberbullying, online harassment, sexual exploitation and sexual extortion
  • the barriers to reporting online harm for young people
  • the impacts of age verification and age assurance mechanisms on young people
  • the impacts of gaming on young people and their communities
  • the influences of generative AI technology on young people


Council members engage in opportunities outside of their regular meetings. These have included:

  • presenting at the 2022 Australian Association for Adolescent Health Youth Health Conference in Melbourne
  • contributing a video statement for the Youth, Tech, and Wellbeing event, co-hosted by All Tech Is Human and the US-Australian Embassy
  • launching an open letter to Big Tech on Safer Internet Day 2023
  • meeting with senior leaders of Big Tech organisations to discuss online safety for young people
  • appearing in a number of radio and media interviews.

Read more about the Council’s activities and achievements in the eSafety Youth Council interim report 2023.

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Last updated: 01/12/2023