Two-factor authentication on Facebook


Two-factor authentication means two checks are needed before someone can access an account. This gives greater protection to an account.

Here is how to set up two-factor authentication on Facebook when using a computer or laptop. 
Log-into Facebook and go to the Facebook Home page.

Select the down arrow on the top right hand corner of the menu.
Select Settings

Select Security and Login from the menu on the left hand side.

Scroll down to Two-factor authentication.
Select Edit 
Under ‘Add Extra Security With Two-Factor Authentication’ Select ‘Get Started’
Select Text Message.

Enter user’s mobile number 
Select Continue.
Two-factor authentication is now turned on. This means the Facebook password and texted verification Code will need to be entered to open Facebook
Select Finish. 

If using Facebook on a phone or tablet, Two factor authentication is usually found under Account Settings, Security and Login’, ‘Two-factor authentication’.