Register of industry codes and industry standards for online safety

eSafety is required to maintain a register of industry codes and industry standards, as well as notices eSafety issues in connection with the development of industry codes. 

Once an industry code is registered, or if an industry standard is determined by eSafety, it will be published on this page.

Notices issued to representatives of industry sections

In April 2022, eSafety issued notices to industry representatives for the development of industry codes for online safety, to apply to eight key sections of the online industry by 9 September 2022. The eight key sections of the online industry are defined in the Online Safety Act 2021 (Cth). They include:

  • providers of social media services
  • providers of relevant electronic services (for example instant messaging services, chat services and online multi-player gaming)
  • designated internet services (includes websites)
  • providers of search engine services
  • providers of app distribution services
  • providers of hosting services
  • providers of internet carriage services
  • manufacturers, suppliers, maintainers and installers of equipment used to access online services.

eSafety issued a second set of notices in June 2022, which extended the due date for industry codes to be submitted for eSafety’s consideration by 18 November 2022. Both the original and variation notices can be found on this page.