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What’s your brand?

About this resource

The whole class go through a PowerPoint slide presentation that includes discussion questions. Teacher can also download a lesson plan to generate deeper discussion.

Target audience


Lower secondary


Accessing support, Cyberbullying, Digital reputation, Privacy and personal information

Type of resource

PDF slide deck, Lesson plan


40 minutes

Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

Technologies, Health and Physical Education

General capabilities

ICT Capability, Ethical Understandings, Personal and Social Capability

Topic: What’s your brand?

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Australian Curriculum outcomes

Australian Curriculum links

This presentation will address Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education and Digital Technologies outcomes including: 

  • Evaluate factors that shape identities and critically analyse how individuals impact (ACPPS089).
  • Investigate the impact of transition and change on identities (ACPPS070).
  • Investigate the benefits of relationships and examine their impact on their own and others’ health and wellbeing (ACPPS074).
  • Reflect on their role as a citizen in Australia’s democracy (ACHCS074).

It addresses elements of the Personal and Social General Capabilities including self-awareness and self-management and addresses elements of the Ethical Understanding General Capabilities including exploring values, rights and responsibilities.