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Seeking inclusive services

Some apps and online services do not have systems in place to create safer spaces for trans people and give them the power to choose when to disclose their identity.

For example, some social media services might not allow people to use a preferred name or may use artificial intelligence that prevents trans people from subscribing to their app.

‘The social media platform I use is always asking me for my dead name, because I haven’t been able to have it legally changed yet.’

‘People can see that my former name isn’t me so it’s more likely strangers will find out I’m trans. I have contacted the social media platform and tried to explain how they can be more inclusive. However, not all apps have guidelines and policies that support the trans community. So I moved to a more inclusive app.’ – Rob*

What to do

You have the right to be accepted for who you are, so if a social media platform is not inclusive you can choose to move to a more inclusive and safer online service.  

If you feel safe doing so, call out non-inclusive policies and practices. In some instances, online services may be willing to update their policies and practices.


* The personal stories quoted here are real accounts taken from our community engagement sessions, only the names have been changed.

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Last updated: 26/09/2022