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Keep it sweet online

About this resource

Three slide presentations that will give young students strategies for dealing with online risks, identifying and reporting cyberbullying, and dealing with unwanted contact.

Target audience


Lower primary, Middle primary


Accessing support, Unwanted contact, Privacy and personal information, Digital reputation, Cyberbullying, Critical thinking

Type of resource

PDF slide decks, lesson plans


20 minutes for each slide deck

Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

Digital Technologies, Health and Physical Education

General capabilities

ICT Capability, Ethical Understandings, Personal and Social Capability


‘Keep it sweet online’ is a set of three short slide decks. The decks can be used individually or as a package. Each slide deck is designed to enable teachers to facilitate a short online safety lesson. The slides include polls, discussion questions and online safety tips. The lesson plans provide background information to the concepts covered in the slides, as well as further discussion points and follow-up activities. 

Part 1: Strategies for dealing with online risks

In Part 1 of the story, the main character discovers their favourite show Lollylab Jnr is advertising for new kids to be part of the next series! We’ll explore what happens when they post a video to FunTube and discover who they’ll take along to the audition.

Part 2: Identifying and reporting cyberbullying

In Part 2 of the story, the main character is becoming a FunTube sensation. We see how quickly their audition video attracts views and comments.

Part 3: Dealing with unwanted contact

In Part 3 of the story, we look in more detail at how becoming famous can affect our right to feel safe and secure.


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