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When it all gets out of hand…

When a group of high-school friends post a rumour about a rival, it sparks a chain reaction that leaves no one untouched. Cyberbullying, sexting, filmed fights and police involvement ensue — will these friends avoid being tagged forever?

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Teenagers play soccer. Chloe walks off the field and Ben catches up and puts his arm around her shoulder. Kate takes photos of Chloe and Ben while talking to Em.

Kate: Hey, check this out.

Em: Is that Chloe?

Kate: Yep.

Later, Raz, Kate and Em are walking into class together at school. Razz is looking at the photo of Chloe and Ben on Kate's phone.

Kate: Did I show you the picture?

Em: Oh, my God.

Teacher: Righto guys, grab a chair thanks. Come on, quick. Grab a chair, please.

Raz: Are you going to send it to Jack?

Kate: Nah, let's put it on the blog.

Kate takes her phone back. She notices Jack a couple of rows back, his arm around Chloe. Kate smirks and sits down.

Kate: Look behind me, to my left.

Raz glances at Chloe and Jack.

Raz: I can't believe he's here.

Later in the school yard, Kate, Em and Raz huddle over a laptop and begin to make a blog post using the pic of Chloe and Ben.

Em: Blog it.

Kate types the post while reading it aloud.

Kate: Guess who. These starcrossed lovers must keep their passion secret

Raz: Passion?

Kate: You're interrupting my flow... (typing) must keep their passion secret. Who knows what will happen after the bell rings? One thing's for sure, it will be a tragedy if her BF finds out.

Kate signs off the blog post with 'By random person' and clicks 'Publish post'. The blog post goes live on the internet. 

Em: Do it.

The next day, in the locker room at school, three girls crowd around a phone. Em is putting her shoes on nearby. 

Girl: Oh, my God. Hey, Em, check this out.

Em walks over.

Em: Yeah?

Girl: Chloe's shagging Ben.

Em looks at the girl and smiles. Elsewhere, Raz is in a toilet cubicle and a group of girls walks into the toilets. 

Girl 1: Oh, she's such a skank.

Girl 2: He is kind of hot, but.

Girl 3: Gross, just because he's in year 12.

Girl 2: Have you seen the photo?

Girl 3: Yeah, I hear he had his hand up her skirt.

Girl 1: I wonder what Jack thinks.

Raz listens and smiles. Then she runs through the hall. She passes Chloe rushing out of a room, crying. Kate is in the library, looking at her laptop. Raz runs up to her.

Kate: Hey.

Raz: Hi, I just saw Chloe.

Kate: Shh, we're in the library.

Raz: She seemed pretty pissed off.

Kate: Yeah, check out all the comments.

Raz: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

They look at a series of insults about Chloe's sex life. Later, students hang around out the front of the school. Em and Raz sit together.

Em: Hey, check this out. Bec texted it to me. It's everywhere.

Raz sees Jack walk outside and rush over to where Ben stands with his friends. They start to fight and people film it on their phones. 

Raz: Oh, shit.

Crowd: Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight...

The video of the fight is posted online. Raz is at home looking at it while on the phone.

Raz: Yeah, it's called Narraville High Big Hitz. Hitz with a 'z'.

Raz is on the phone to Kate, who looks at the video.

Kate: Oh God, I wish I had seen this. This is even better. Jack's such a girl. I'm going to post this on the blog, okay.

Raz: (hesitates).

Kate: What?

Raz: I don't know, I just thought this was just meant to be fun.

Kate: This is fun.

Raz: It's not really for Jack.

Kate: Raz, he deserves everything he gets.

The next day, Jack sits in class with a black eye. Two students are reading Romeo and Juliet to the class. Kate watched Raz and Em talk.

Teacher: Okay, let's start again from top of the page.

Student: And what love can do that dares love attempt. Therefore thy kinsman...

Em: I hear there is a film crew out front.

Raz: Filming what?

Em: I don't know.

A woman stands in the doorway.

Teacher: Keep going.

Student reading: Alack, there lies more peril in thine eyes and twenty of their swords. Look thou but sweet.

The woman whispers to the teacher. The teacher goes to Jack. Jack takes his books and leaves.

Teacher: Hey Jack, Mr Smith is expecting you in his office. You might need to grab your books.

That night, Kate watches the news on her laptop.

Newsreader: Police are investigating the filming of a school yard brawl. The footage has been uploaded to a popular video sharing website under title 'Big Hitz' and has been seen by thousands of people. The parents of a student involved have made a complaint to both the school and the police and an investigation has been launched.

Em calls Kate's phone. Kate answers.

Kate: Hey. Yeah, I just saw it.

t another house, Raz eats dinner with her parents.

Raz's mum: Razi, did you see the news story tonight about a fight at your school on the internet?

Raz: Mmm.

Mum: Do you know these students?

Raz: Yeah, apparently they're in my class.

Raz's dad: I'm so glad you're not involved.

The next day, Em, Raz and Kate sit in the cafeteria at school.

Kate: We didn't film the fight.

Raz: Yeah, but we started it.

Kate: That's bullshit. Jack's a big boy.

Raz: They're going to look at the blog.

Kate: So? It's probably on a million websites by now.

Em: Yeah, well maybe Raz is right. Maybe we should take the fight off.

Raz: And the photos of Ben and Chloe.

Kate: Okay. I'll take it all off.

Raz: I think we should say something.

Kate: What?

Raz: We should apologise.

Kate: To who? Jack, Chloe?

Raz: Yeah.

Kate: What do you think's going to happen? They're not just going to forget about it. What will your folks think? Your mum will have a heart attack - the perfect daughter.

Raz: I don't care.

Kate: I wonder what she'd think if she saw those photos from Jack's party.

A series of photos shows Raz drinking alcohol at a party. kissing boys, drunk next to a toilet and passed out on the ground. Back in the cafeteria, Raz looks worried.

Kate: What she doesn't know won't hurt her, right, isn't that what you always say?

Jack calls Kate from across the room. Kate smiles at him. 

Jack: Kate.

Kate: Hey.

Kate: (speaking to Raz) Maybe I could ask Jack to take the gallery down. We're in this together.

Kate gets up and leaves with Jack. Em looks shocked as she watched Kate and then Raz leave.

The next day, Raz is looking at a textbook in the library. Em walks in and over to Raz.

Em: Hey. Are you avoiding us?

Raz: You heard her threaten me.

Em: Come on, Kate didn't mean it.

Raz: Yeah, it's all meant to be fun, right?

Em: Mmm. Have you said anything to anyone?

Raz: No.

Em: If you're going to say something you'd tell me first, yeah? Yeah, well, see you in class.

Em leaves, passing Jack as he enters the library. Raz sees him.

Raz: Hey Jack, can I talk to you for a second?

Jack: Yeah, sure. What's up?

Later, Raz is getting books out of her locker. Nearby, boys crowd around a phone. Kate walks down the hall. She passes some boys.

Boy 1: Hey, twinkle twinkle little star.

Boy 2: Hey, Twinkle, nice bod.

Kate grabs Raz and pulls her towards the toilets.

Boy 3: Oh, come on, don't be so shy. You weren't so shy in those photos.

In the toilets, she pulls out her phone and shows Raz a photo.

Kate: Look at this.

Raz: Is that you?

Kate: Jack and I took it when we were going out. Now he's sent it to everyone.

Raz: You can't even really tell it's you.

Kate: There are others and they're not just closeups.

Raz: Well how much do they show?

Kate looks upset but doesn't reply.

Raz: Why are you showing me?

Kate: Why did you tell him?

Raz: Well you should have told Jack yourself, it wasn't fair.

Kate: Oh, is this fair?

Kate holds up the phone. Other girls enter and Kate storms out. Later, Raz is at home, talking to her mum and crying. They hold hands.

The next day, Raz is with her mum, talking to the school principal. Later, the principal stands up the front of a class. Jack, Kate and Em all stand and leave with principal while the others watch. Later again, Em sits and waits with her mum in the school office. Jac and his dad arrive. Kate and her mum leave the principal's office. Then, the principal talks to Jack and his dad. A police officer sits next to the principal. Later, Jack's dad drives Jack home.

Dad: What have you got to say?

Jack: I said I'm sorry.

Dad: I don't know what's wrong with you. First you get in a fight, and then this thing with...

Jake: Kate.

Dad: If you end up on a register for sex offenders... You'll be lucky if they don't charge you.

Back at school, Raz walks to her locker. She passes Kate's locker, which is now covered with drawings of stars. She opens her own locker and pulls books out. She sees Em further down packing her bag. Raz looks away and Em walks past without acknowledging her.

It's a new day, Kate sits in the car with her mum out the front of a different school.

Kate's mum: So my phone will be on all day, all right, so you call me any time.

Kate: Mum. I asked to come here.

Mum: I know. I love you.

Kate: I love you too.

Inside the school, a teacher takes Kate to her new locker.

Teacher: So which school have you come from?

Kate: Narraville.

Teacher: Once we've finished here, I'll take you over to your home room. Now, you get two keys, but don't lose them because they cost $20 to replace.

Kate: Okay.

Teacher: There you go.

Kate sits in class. Other people raise their hands to answer questions.

Teacher: So Lois XIV was the Sun King and he had the divine right. Can anybody tell me what we think the divine right of a king is?

After class, Kate goes to her locker. People have drawn stars on it. Girls nearby watch her and laugh. Kate grabs her books and walks away upset. Later, Kate sits alone outside, looking at her new class timetable. A girl sees her and approaches.

Lou: Hey. You don't recognise me, do you?

Kate: No.

Lou: I'm Lou, we met at Jack's party.

Kate: Right, I'm Kate.

Lou: I know, I've seen your photos. But don't worry, I mean, it will be old news soon.

Kate: Yeah, that's what my counselor says.

Lou: So what have you got now?

Kate: I think maths.

The girls both look at Kate's timetable.

Lou: This is semester one. Here. Semester two, see?

Kate: So I've got English.

Lou: Do you know where you're going?

Kate: Not really.

Lou: I'll show you.

Kate picks up her books and the two girls walk away together.

Tagged – when it all gets out of hand

What happens when a group of high-school friends post an online rumour about a rival? This award-winning video is part of a suite of resources that explore the impacts of cyberbullying and sharing intimate images. Subtitled in multiple languages.

Three months on… reflections


Three months on, Em opens up about why she didn't stand up to Kate and how she might do things differently if she found herself witnessing cyberbullying behaviour.


Em opens up about why she didn't stand up to Kate.

Three months after he posts private photos of Kate and gets in trouble with the police, his parents and his friends, Jack reflects on how he could have handled the situation better.


See what happens to Jack after he posts private photos of Kate.

Three months after Kate posted a rumour that triggered a chain reaction of cyberbullying, sexting, fighting and police action, she talks about how she feels now and how she would do things differently if she could.


Kate posted a rumour and a chain reaction of cyberbullying, sexting, fighting and police action followed.

Raz was initially just a bystander involved in cyberbullying but, three months later, she talks about the consequences of what she and her friends did, and what she would do differently.


Initially a bystander involved in cyberbullying, Raz reflects on what happened.

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