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Safer Internet Day


Mark your calendar for Tuesday 6 February 2024 and sign up to support Safer Internet Day. 

We’ll keep you updated with all the latest information to help you plan your Safer Internet Day activities. 



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What is Safer Internet Day?

Safer Internet Day is a global initiative to raise awareness of online safety issues.

The eSafety Commissioner leads the initiative in Australia. We educate people about online safety risks, like online abuse, how to be safe online and where to go for help.

This Safer Internet Day we're encouraging you to take three simple actions when approaching online safety: Connect. Reflect. Protect.  

Connect safely by keeping apps and devices secure and reviewing your privacy settings regularly. 

Reflect on how your actions online may affect others or your safety. 

Protect yourself and others by visiting to find out how to stay safe online and report online abuse.

By doing these things and sharing the Connect. Reflect. Protect message, we can work towards making every day a Safer Internet Day. 


Hello, I’m Julie Inman Grant, Australia's eSafety Commissioner. Today is Safer Internet Day. Why does this matter? Well, we rely on the internet for almost everything in our daily lives. 

So online safety is more important than ever. With the prevalence of online abuse and new threats emerging daily,it's essential to educate ourselves and others at work, at home, and in the community on how to remain safer online.

A big thank you to the thousands of workplaces, schools and individuals who've supported Safer Internet Day and who have helped us start a national conversation about online safety.

Let's all remember to Connect, Reflect, and Protect, and to make every day a safer internet day. Visit to get started. Thank you.

A message from eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant

Australia's Minister for Communications Michelle Rowland gets behind Safer Internet Day

Why Safer Internet Day is important

We use the internet in almost every aspect of our lives, so it’s important for everyone to know about online safety. 

Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity for workplaces, community organisations, schools, industry, government and families to promote online safety education and the benefits of being safe online.

Our goal is for everyone to be informed about online safety, understand how to report online abuse and actively contribute to a safer online environment – that’s why we need your support.

We encourage you to join the global initiative that unites communities, families, schools and organisations from more than 160 countries so that together, we can create safer online spaces. 

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How can I get involved and learn more?

To find out more, including how to help promote Safer Internet Day at home, school, work or in your community, you can:

Resources for schools and families

Promote Safer Internet Day at your school using our educator campaign kit, which includes resources to support online safety education. You can also explore our collection of activities and resources to help you bring online safety into your classroom or home.

Download the campaign kit

Use these resources to support your school’s Safer Internet Day activities. This kit includes content for your school newsletter, social tiles, posters, flyers and more.  

Download now 

Explore activities and resources

eSafety has a range of online resources to support schools to Connect. Reflect. Protect. this Safer Internet Day and promote online safety all year round. 

Resources for workplaces and communities

Get involved and make a difference by sharing resources, hosting an event or spreading the word about online safety on your channels. Start by downloading our Workplace and Community kit – your go-to tool for promoting Safer Internet Day.

Download the campaign kit

This kit includes advice on online safety and resources to promote Safer Internet Day in your workplace or community. There are suggested social media posts, posters and video call backgrounds.

Download now

Resources for industry

Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity for industry to make sure that online user safety is a priority. It serves as a reminder to promote the benefits of designing and developing safe online spaces. 

Download the campaign kit

Our Campaign Kit for Industry Stakeholders includes practical tips and resources that you can use to promote online safety and Safety by Design.

Download now

Download individual resources

Social tiles – schools/educators

Social tiles – workplaces/communities

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Last updated: 05/02/2024