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Drone technology is becoming increasingly popular — what was once a pricey hobby for enthusiasts is now far more accessible, with models suitable for children now available.

So, what exactly is a drone? Put simply, a drone is like a remote-control toy helicopter. They are extremely manoeuvrable with varying features, including cameras.

Age guide

Most drones are recommended for use by children over 12 years, however some are designed specifically for younger children aged from 8 years.

What to look out for

  • Drones can store personal and financial information about its owner, such as credit card numbers or GPS information about the drone’s flights.
  • If the drone includes a camera, it is important your child understands others’ right to privacy and doesn’t fly their drone into private property or restricted areas.
  • Although flying a drone is legal in Australia, regulations have been put in place by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority and must be followed to avoid hefty fines.

How to stay safe

  • Check what personal and financial information is stored on the drone and whether the data can be accessed by other people.
  • Assess whether your child has the patience and maturity to fly a drone correctly and responsibly.
  • Teach your child how to fly their drone or learn together. Co-learning is a great way to model good behaviour — and a good excuse to have a go yourself!
  • Report unsafe drone use to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.  
  • Check safe drone-flying areas using the OpenSky app.

Last updated: 16/11/2023