I’m being pressured to send nudes

It’s not OK if someone is pressuring you to send nudes, but you can help to change the culture.

Being pressured to send nudes is not cool. It might leave you feeling uncomfortable or even unsafe. Whether it's a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or stranger, even if they say sending a nude will show how much you love them, it's important you only do things you want to do and feel good about.

It's time to change the culture around sending nudes. Here are some ways you can get the upper hand if you get the 'send nudes?' message.

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What to do

Ask them to stop

Sometimes in relationships people do things without thinking about the other person. This isn’t cool. If someone is pressuring you and you feel safe to do so, ask them to stop. It might not always work, but sometimes just letting them know they're upsetting you will make them reassess their actions.

Send something else

It is always OK to say no. But you might want to get creative in the way you send the message. Why not send something else, like a meme or clever one-liner?

Report and block

If asking them to change their behaviour doesn’t work, don't continue communicating with them. Follow these steps:

  1. Take screenshots of the requests (this will help if you need to take further action at any stage, so think of it as ‘insurance’).
  2. Report the person to the social media service or app they used to contact you.
  3. Block them so they can’t contact you through that social media service or app again.
  4. If they contacted you via text message, block their phone number from your device.

The eSafety Guide has online safety advice, tips on how to block accounts and reporting links. Our unsafe or unwanted contact page also lists signs that someone may be risky.

Get support

If they’re not getting the message, talk to a trusted adult. If you want more support, there are professional counselling services like Kids Helpline where you can speak to someone confidentially online or over the phone.

Find out more about image-based abuse

Image-based abuse is when someone shares or threatens to share your nudes online without your consent. Find out more about image-based abuse and how to take action if your nudes have been shared or if someone is threatening to share them.