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Training and presentations FAQ

Answers to common questions about eSafety’s education and training program.


Presentations and resources are provided free of charge. If you are interested in bespoke training please contact us.

School presentations

No. eSafety no longer delivers face-to-face presentations to schools. However, schools can still access our range of classroom resources, or take advantage of our Virtual Classroom presentations.

Schools also have the option of face-to-face presentations with eSafety trusted training providers.

Slides for a virtual classroom presentation may be made available for download in the calendar year following the live event. Check our Video and resource library.

No. Recording of any part of a training event or presentation is not permitted.

We do not present in languages other than English. However, some eSafety resources are available for Arabic, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese and Chinese readers. Contact us to find out more.

Younger students may benefit from a teacher's selection of materials from our classroom resources including Hector’s World and Cybersmart Challenge.

The YeS Project has been designed for middle-upper secondary students, and they may still benefit from the middle secondary resources Rewrite Your Story, Tagged, #GameOn, and the secondary resource Young and eSafe.

Other presentations

Presentations include content related to the role and functions of the eSafety Commissioner. Some modifications can be made to suit the audience. Please Contact us for more information.

No. Our presentation content is not in the public domain.

No. Recording of any part of a training event or presentation is not permitted.

The eSafety Commissioner aims to support all Australians to have safer online experiences. If a face to face event is not possible we have a range of options such as webinars, online learning resources and Trusted eSafety providers. Please contact us for more information.

We need:

  • data projector with screen, Smart Board or Smart TV
  • power board
  • sound connection to your audio system from the trainer's laptop
  • microphone — only if a large venue

The trainer will bring their own laptop and will not require internet access.

For our parent and carer presentations, generally there is a minimum audience size of 50 and no maximum, but it is important that the audience is comfortable and can see and hear the presentation clearly.

To discuss the options, please Contact us.

Yes, we do present in the evening. Weekend presentations depend on the trainer’s availability.

The trainer will need a few things from you to help deliver the presentation:

  • start time
  • location
  • contact person for the day
  • 30 minutes to set up
  • information about any issues participants may have experienced
  • attendance numbers after the session

Last updated: 05/04/2024