Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Trusted eSafety Provider program

The Trusted eSafety Provider Program is designed to give schools confidence that the external online safety provider they engage meets eSafety’s online safety education standards.

Trusted eSafety Providers are endorsed by eSafety only after demonstrating their capability, experience and evidence-based online safety content. They are also required to comply with relevant safeguards for working with children.

These providers are part of a collaborative community of practice, sharing the latest research and best practice approaches to online safety education.

How to find a Trusted eSafety Provider

If you are looking for an online safety education provider, use the filters on our Trusted eSafety Provider list to find those best suited to your needs.

Find a provider

To help you with your selection, the eSafety Toolkit for Schools provides tips on engaging external online safety providers.

PLEASE NOTE: Some Trusted eSafety Providers also deliver content and services unrelated to online safety, which eSafety does not endorse in any way. eSafety also does not endorse the partners or sponsors of Trusted eSafety Providers.

How to become a Trusted eSafety Provider

Individuals and organisations delivering high quality online safety education programs in schools can apply to become a Trusted eSafety Provider.

How to apply


    Download the Trusted eSafety Provider Application Pack and Provider Agreement and read carefully to ensure you understand and meet all requirements.



  2. Collate your documentary evidence and prepare (and save) written responses to the application questions offline (i.e. in a word document).

  3. Enter the responses and submit your application in the portal.

    Apply now

Applications may be submitted at any time. Please allow at least four weeks for your application to be assessed following submission. 

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

eSafety collects personal information where it is reasonably necessary for or directly related to one or more of its functions or activities. eSafety handles personal information in accordance with the obligations in the Privacy Act 1988. For more information on why we need this information and how we will handle it, please see our full collection notification and privacy policy