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eSafety Early Years program for educators

eSafety recognises that early years educators work closely with the families of the children in their care.

So we have designed the eSafety Early Years program to support that important relationship. Together, we can improve online safety for our youngest Australians!

Early learning services can also use the resources developed for families, to help with conversations about online safety.


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A message from the eSafety Commissioner


Hello, I'm Julie Inman Grant, Australia's eSafety Commissioner.

I'm really excited to welcome you to eSafety's Early Years Program.

Here at eSafety, we recognise that keeping children safe online is a shared responsibilty. 

It cannot solely fall to parents and carers, or educators.

Online safety needs a coordinated approach.

eSafety has a dedicated Early Years team who've created a suite of resources that work together to help parents and early childhood educators support children under 5 safely online.

We've listened to parents, carers and educators, both through focus groups and our own eSafety research, to understand their concerns and needs, and have developed resources in close consultation with experts like Early Childhood Australia.

This also helps to ensure that we have consistent online safety advice sitting within a positive framework and that is relevant in an Australian context.

eSafety Early Years Program

Last updated: 12/10/2022