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Rewrite Your Story

About this resource

Award-winning short videos based on real-life examples of cyberbullying, designed to prompt discussions about young people’s experiences and how they can get help.

Target audience


Lower secondary, Middle secondary


Accessing support, Bystanders, Critical thinking, Cyberbullying, Digital resilience, Respectful online relationships, Sexting and sending nudes

Type of resource

Videos, online content, lesson plans


15 to 45 minutes

Choose from eight 2 minute videos, each with a discussion-based lesson plan.

Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

Digital Technologies, Health and Physical Education

General capabilities

ICT Capability, Ethical Understanding, Intercultural Understanding, Personal and Social Capability

Key outcomes

Students will better understand cyberbullying and its impacts, as well as know when and how to seek help if they encounter it. They will be encouraged to consider, discuss and take action about negative online behaviour. 

In terms of the curriculum, students will be able to:

  • define serious cyberbullying
  • understand social and ethical protocols in the context of technology use
  • critically analyse the impact of their online decisions and actions on themselves, their family, the school community and others 
  • become familiar with the advice in the Rewrite Your Story online content, including how to report serious cyberbullying.

Using this resource

Select one of the eight award-winning short videos dealing with different aspects of cyberbullying and use it to lead a class discussion. 

The length of the lesson will depend on the group discussion about the example of cyberbullying depicted in each video. 

COMING SOON! Lesson plans including discussion-starter questions, extra web content, and an interactive quiz.


You can’t undo the past, and you can’t change the actions or words of other people, but you can Rewrite Your Story.

Alexia's story

Alexia was happy not to have a party. But her friends insisted. With her parents limiting numbers, some people felt left out. Then the hate page was set up.

Marko's story

Marko is new at school, 'crap' at sport and not friends with the ‘right people’. He is being targeted online and off, threatened and harassed. It’s affecting his mental health and his life.

Sienna's story

Sienna knows who is behind the bullying against Amy. She realises how badly it is affecting Amy and has to decide whether to be brave, to be an upstander, not a bystander.

Zach's story

Zach is artistic and creative. He loves his photography. Other students target him online using a fake profile to ridicule him. Zach realises that he can get through this, with help.

Kara's story

New at school, Kara works out what the pecking order is. She is targeted through cruel memes and posts. Her friend stands up for her, but all Kara wants is the posts taken down.

Jarrod's story

Jarrod’s best friend Caleb shows him nude photos of Mia. The photos spread like wildfire, deeply affecting Mia. Turns out Caleb had doctored the photos. Jarrod needs to make a choice.

Cal's story

Cal, Tom and Jac have a great time at a party and Jac posts photos to prove it. Nicola, Tom’s girlfriend retaliates, and it turns into an online war with no winners.

Connor's story

Connor makes a stupid decision, uploading a photo of Kyle that begins an avalanche of bullying online and off. Connor realises that sometimes a joke is not just a joke. This video is part of a series about different aspects of cyberbullying.