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Provide feedback

Your feedback helps us know whether the program is meeting community expectations and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Feedback from schools and organisations – both positive and negative – is an important part of the Trusted eSafety Provider program. 

All our Trusted eSafety Providers are dedicated to reflective professional practice that includes regular review and evaluation, and a commitment to take on board feedback from clients.

The feedback form questions are based around the key expectations of Trusted eSafety Providers. You are also able to make general comments about your experience with the provider.

If you agree, your feedback will be shared with the Trusted eSafety Provider. You can also provide feedback anonymously.

Making a complaint about a Trusted eSafety Provider

As the independent statutory office responsible for fostering online safety in Australia, eSafety values feedback from the community.

Complaints help us to continually improve the important services we deliver. We are committed to providing a transparent, fair and effective complaint handling system that is informed by best practice.

Any complaints made about a Trusted eSafety Provider through this portal will be handled with appropriate discretion and consistent with our obligations under Commonwealth privacy legislation.

Provide feedback

Please choose a Trusted eSafety Provider from the list below to provide feedback about their online safety education program.

Last updated: 20/03/2024