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Millions of Australians are online each day.

Sometimes things go wrong.

'I was harassed online, all through school.'

'My ex used my phone to stalk me.'

'We were mean to another player online.'

'I wasn’t sure if online classes were safe for my students.'

'The other kids shared stupid videos of me all the time.'

'I didn’t know how to help my grandkids with their apps.'

'I went on the computer by myself.'

'My son clicked on a violent video.'

'Someone shared a nude photo of me online. It made me feel exposed.'

'It made me feel powerless.'



'It made me feel angry.'

You are not alone.

If you’re online, eSafety can help.

'eSafety helped me respect others online.'

'eSafety helped me stop the online bullying.'

'eSafety helped me try a few new tricks.'

'Helped me be a more confident teacher.'

'Keep my kids safer online.'

'Always ask a grown-up.'

'eSafety helped me get my picture removed.'

'eSafety helped me learn to protect myself online.'

'eSafety helped me find the right support.'

See how eSafety can help you.

How eSafety helped me

Discover how we are helping Australians stay safe online each day.

Signing of joint bilateral statement on image-based abuse and digital sex crimes

Julie Inman Grant, Australia’s eSafety Commissioner and Jung Yun-Joo, Chairperson of the Korea Communications Standards Commission, speak about the harmful effects of image-based abuse, and their shared commitment to addressing this issue.

Keeping children safer in their digital playgrounds

Watch the eSafety Commissioner’s keynote speech at the World Anti-Bullying Forum in Stockholm, Sweden held in November 2021. The Forum brings together leading global researchers, policy makers and practitioners in their work to prevent bullying.

eSafety Commissioner keynote: The National Summit on Women’s Safety

eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, gave a keynote speech at the National Summit on Women's Safety held in September 2021.

In conversation: Commissioner to Commissioner

Julie Inman Grant, eSafety Commissioner, Australia & Anne Dunn-Baleilevuka, Online Safety Commissioner, Fiji speak about being online safety partners in the Pacific.

Julie Inman Grant talks about the Safety by Design initiatives

Learn more about our Safety by Design approach.

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant — UN 75th #UN75

Find out about Australia’s unique eSafety model and be part of the global movement #UN75.

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