Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Social media and privacy

Social media sites like Facebook or Instagram are great for sharing stories, finding friends and tracking down family.

Sharing stories is an important part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture. Before technology, stories were shared person to person and passed down through the generations. 


There's a lot of pride in our community – it’s good to share our stories and pics. — Dora, 54

What can happen on social media

It's important to think before you share your story, because once you share a pic or a post, it is out there for everyone to see.

Online fights can grow into a big mess. The choices we make online can affect our communities too. Check out the clip to see what happens when Ebony's godmother Sal posts something about her mum Tanya on their social networking site. Things get out of control quickly!

Video: Little things

This video shows how a little comment on a social networking site can easily turn into a big deal!

Social media safety checklist

Anyone can copy what you post on social media, including your pics. Keep your privacy and community safe when you are using social media by thinking about the following questions. 

Have you:  

  • only ‘friended’ people you know?
  • looked at your security and privacy settings?
  • learnt how to report any trouble?
  • kept your post 'strong and proud'?

Worried about online bullying?

If you are under 25 you can have a web chat with Kids Helpline or make a free call to them on 1800 55 1800.

You could also check out our advice about cyberbullying for kidsyoung people and parents.