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Social media and kids

It’s social — how kids are connecting online

Aussie kids are online

There were 1.49 million children and young people online during April 2015

1.04 million or 70% of them accessed social media or game sites

They spend a lot of time socialising

Children and young people spent a total of 5.4 million hours accessing social media or game sites in April 2015.

% of time kids online spent on websites, by type of website:

  • Social networking (including YouTube) 32%
  • Games 14%
  • Videos, movies and music (excluding YouTube) 13%
  • Consumer electronics, telecommunications and general commerce 11%
  • Education, careers and news 9%
  • Search engines 5%
  • Other (wide variety of websites not classified elsewhere) 16%

Note: Educational activities can be undertaken on sites other than those classified under the education category.

They accessed loads of content on social media sites

Children and young people viewed 107,253,000 web pages on social media or game sites during April 2015 or 34% of all web pages of content viewed by that group.

And they visited often

They visited social networking sites 13,583,000 times or 69% of all website visits during April 2015.

Source: Nielsen Online, April 2015
Data excludes mobile or tablet app data. Includes mobile browsing data which is either m. sites or .mobi sites. Game sites included due to many sites providing social networking functionality. Metrics relate to use of social media services by Australian young people aged 2 to 17 years.

Last updated: 11/11/2021