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Assessment tools

The assessment tools guide and support technology companies to embed safety into the culture, ethos and operations of their businesses – from the ground up. 

The tools take participants through sets of questions asking about what systems, processes and practices are in place within their business.

Both tools showcase current good practice and evidence-based resources and templates. Examples, workflows and videos featuring tech company leaders also provide guidance on ways to improve and innovate.

Each participant’s responses generate a tailored report that acts as both a safety 'health check’ and a learning resource, to promote continual online safety improvements.

The Safety by Design assessment tools use strictly necessary cookies as specified in the cookie policy. eSafety does not collect personal information and cannot identify corporate information. By entering into the assessment tools you consent to the use of cookies. Additional information is available on our Safety by Design privacy page.

Our tools respect your privacy

No personal information on the individual participant or their company is collected. The answers are general in nature and do not identify the business they are based on.

Please read our Safety by Design privacy page for more details.

Completing the assessment

The assessment can be completed over several sessions. Participants are given a unique reference code when they first login, so they can save their answers and continue to access them. They must login at least every seven days to keep this reference code valid. After 90 days, eSafety deletes all details to protect the anonymity of our users.

Last updated: 01/12/2023