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Restricted Access System call for submissions

eSafety is seeking your views on a new Restricted Access System to limit the exposure of children and young people under 18 to some age-inappropriate online material.

Have your say now! The submission period runs from 16 August to 12 September 2021.


About the Restricted Access System

A RAS covers the kind of material that has been or is likely to be classified R18+ or Category 1 Restricted (‘Restricted Material’) under the National Classification Code.

This includes: 

  • realistically simulated sexual activity between adults 
  • high impact nudity 
  • high impact violence 
  • high impact drug use
  • high impact language.  

The eSafety Commissioner is required to have the new Restricted Access System (RAS) declaration in place from January 2022, as outlined in the Online Safety Act 2021. This will replace the 2014 Restricted Access System declaration. 

Services that will be obligated to meet the requirements of the RAS will include social media services, designated internet services and relevant electronic services that are providing access to material from Australia.

It will also apply to Australian hosting service providers, who will be required either to stop hosting the material or take reasonable steps to ensure access to Restricted Material is limited to adults.


About submissions

The eSafety Commissioner invites submissions from the technology industry and the general public, to inform the drafting of the new RAS declaration. 

A Discussion Paper outlines the policy considerations and includes a list of questions to help focus submissions. The questions are a guide only and not intended to limit the scope of submissions.

The information gathered through this consultation process will also be used to help inform the development of eSafety’s age verification implementation roadmap for online pornography.

Each submission should specify: 

  • the name of the individual or organisation making the submission 
  • their contact details (such as a telephone number, postal address or email address).

A submitter may claim confidentiality over their name or contact details or may make a submission anonymously or through use of a pseudonym.

Further information privacy and the publication and release of submissions can be found in the Discussion Paper. 

The closing date for submissions is 12 September 2021.


Make a submission

You can upload your submission using our online form. Simply click or tap on the button and follow the instructions.  


Alternatively, please email your completed submission to or via post to:

Executive Manager, Investigations
Office of the eSafety Commissioner
PO Box Q500,
Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230