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The eSafety schools' hub

This hub brings together key online safety resources for Australian schools. 

The resources in this hub can be used to help develop a whole-of-community approach to online safety, support classroom learning, access professional development, respond to online incidents, and more.

There are also new downloadable resources specially created to help you share important online safety messages with your school community.

This hub has been created by eSafety in collaboration with education organisations across Australia, through our National Online Safety Education Council.

On this page:

Social media and newsletter content

Use these content kits to help you talk to your school community about online safety, including preventative strategies and advice on where to get help when things go wrong.

Social media kit

This kit includes suggested posts and images to share on your school's social media channels.

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Newsletter and website kit

This kit includes suggested articles and images for your school's newsletter or website.

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Display these posters to promote key online safety messages around your school.

Last updated: 04/01/2024