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How our class stays safe online

The Mighty Heroes

About this resource

This resource can be used in the classroom to teach students aged 5 to 8 years about safe online behaviour. It includes discussion questions, a poster and guidelines about how to create a tech agreement.

Target audience


Lower primary


Time online, Permission, Digital resilience, Critical thinking

Type of resource

Teacher instructions, poster, parent resource



45-minute discussion 

Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

Digital Technologies, Health and Physical Education

General capabilities

Literacy, ICT Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking

Using this resource

This material is for lower primary students and sets expectations for class members to keep each other safe online when they are working and interacting. 

It can be used to discuss online rules – why they are important and how they keep us safe.

Download the resource to:

  • start the chat about online safety with your students and set rules about using devices in the classroom 
  • develop a tech agreement together using the poster and follow it throughout the term or year.

Print and display the poster to remind students about your class rules and positive online behaviour. 

Additional download for parents

You can also encourage students to create a family tech agreement for the home with their parents and carers. Click on the resource below designed for families with children aged 5 to 8 years old. 

Find out how to create an Online Safety Classroom Agreement for older children aged 9 to 13 years of age.