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Welcome back!

It's time for

"They Said What?!"

Dating apps - where ugly
words are more widespread

than glitter at Mardi Gras.

But it seems a lot of us just forget

there's an actual person on
the other side of the message

and it sucks to get a (bleep) message.

And don't just take my word for it.

"No rice, no spice, no curry!"

You know they're not preferences, right?

It's prejudice.

Do you still have a (bleep)?

Seriously?! How is that
any of your business?


You're so pretty...

for an Aboriginal.


It's not a compliment. It's just racist.

So, lovely people,
think before you send.

Because ugly talk, it ain't just ugly.

It's downright hate speech.

And remember, don't be a (bleep).

Play nice, stay safe.

They said what?!

Online dating may be a great way to meet new people, but it's important to think about how your words may affect others.

Welcome back. It's time for "Queer & A",

where I answer your burning
questions about dating online!

Let's get into it.

Goran from Melbourne writes

"I was chatting to a guy online -

it turned out to be my cousin pretending

to be someone else just to catch me out.

Now he's threatened to
out me to the family.

What should I do?"

Goran, your cousin sounds
like a real (bleep)!

So be sure to screenshot the chat.

If things turn nasty, you
might need it for evidence.

Also, report him to the app, block him,

and if anyone threatens
to share intimate images

report them to eSafety.

All right, next question.

Bill from Electric Energy asks

"Final notice or your power will..."

Ah, how did that get in there?

Moving on.

So Rach from Sydney writes
"I stupidly transferred

over $3,000 to a girl I was
chatting to online for months.

Turns out they were a catfish
and now they're back for more"

Oh Rach - catfishing.

It's actually more common than you think.

It may be tough but you
need to stop all contact,

block them, and report them
to the platform and eSafety.

Just be super careful what
info you share online.

Even if a person doesn't
seem suss, play it safe

and trust your gut.

God, I'm good at this.
Let's do another one.

Alright, this next one is from Sam

from Tassie, who writes
"My crush is ignoring me!

I text them, DM them, send pics,

even email them at work!

What am I doing wrong?"

Ooh. I hate to break
it to you Sam my dear,

but that much unwanted
contact is harassment...

it could even be bordering
on cyberstalking.

Definitely not cool.

You need to step back

and realise they're just not interested.

Wow! I could do this all day.

Alright, that's all we've got time for.

Stay amazing! And remember,
don't be a (bleep).

Play nice, stay safe.

Queer and A

Nina Oyama answers your questions about online dating and what you can do to avoid situations such as catfishing and cyberstalking.

Welcome back! It's time
for "Safe or Soaked?",

where we decide whether your online antics

are worth a big ol' thumbs up,

or a very wet thumbs down.

Let's get started.

Hi Kiki!

Hey Nina, so excited
to be here in you garden.

Very happy to have you...

Now, off you go!

I saw this gross anti-trans meme online

and instead of firing back insults,

I just called it what
it was - 'hate speech'.

They took it down and
I got back to Netflix.

Yas Kiki,

you're what dry dreams are made of!

Keep calling it like you see it.

Ok, Sabir! Will you be getting soaked?

Is it bad to say I hope so...

Hey Nina, a guy I worked with posted

a really (bleep) rant on Facebook,

talking about how bisexuals
need to "pick a side

and get off the fence" - blah, blah, blah.

So I called him out and
gave him an education!

Sabir, I've never been
happier for things to stay dry!

Keep it up, and be sure to
report online haters to the app.

Will it be a dry clean sweep

or will our next guest be getting soaked?

Let's find out.

Hi Nina.

Well, I was sexting this hottie;

and I shared some of the
photos with a few friends

and they didn't think
that was such a good idea

but in hindsight, oops.

Soak! Soak! Soak! Soak!
Soak! Soak! Soak! Soak


Sorry Troy, that's
image-based abuse. Not cool.

Those pics were for your eyes only.

Well, that's all we've got time for.

So remember, if you can't
say it to their face,

don't say it online.

Can I get a towel or something?

Oh, don't be such a (bleep).

Play nice, stay safe.

Safe or soaked

Three contestants share their stories about different experiences they have had online as they play Safe or Soaked.

Welcome back to "#DeleteTheTrolls".

Our next question is...

"How should you respond to online trolls?"

Insult them right back?


Never feed the trolls.
They just get hungrier!

Can I phone a friend?

Well, you can... but not on this show.

Resist the urge to respond,

then mute, block, and
report them to the platform.

They are not worth my time!

That's all we've got time for!

Thanks for joining and
for all tonight's answers,

head to our website.

And remember don't be a


Play nice, stay safe! Whoo!

Delete the trolls

How should you respond to online trolls? Three contestants try their luck at the game #DeleteTheTrolls.

Using social media

in positive ways.

Social media is a great way to connect with people,

share interests and stay up to date with news and events.

It is also important to be aware of the impact

social media can have on your mental health,

so, keep in mind...

Whether you like a post or follow an account,

it means that you’ll start receiving similar content,

so, follow accounts that are funny, informative or inspiring.

Avoid doomscrolling one negative story after another.

Find more positive content to look at

or put that phone away.

Do you tend to ignore those around you

and give your phone your undivided attention?

This is called phubbing!

it limits your ability to be present in the moment

and engage with the people around you.

Turning off or silencing notifications

can make you more productive and decrease your anxiety.

Being online and connected has many benefits,

but you need to make sure that your time online

doesn’t take over your life.

Using your phone just before bed

can negatively impact your sleep.

So, you might want to consider leaving it in another room

or turning off notifications.

To learn more go to

Using social media in positive ways

Social media can be a good way to connect with others but it’s important to be aware of the impacts it can have on your mental health. Explore some of the top tips for balancing your time online.

Dealing with online hate

Online hate can affect your mental health and wellbeing,

and even stop you from going online.

But remember,

you have the power to decide

how to deal with hateful content.

If you come across a post

with content that may be triggering or harmful

to you or others,

report it!

Stop and take a deep breath

before replying to negative comments.

Are they really open to hearing your perspective?

Responding to hateful comments can make things worse.

You have control over what you see online

and who can contact you.

Mute, unfollow or block, accounts

to make your social feeds more positive.

What happens online

can affect your mental health and wellbeing.

Remember to take time away from screens

and try to focus on the positive things in your life.

Build your psychological armour

Remember your strengths.

Acknowledge your feelings.

Build a supportive network.

Create a safe space offline.

Be kind to yourself.

Stay positive.

and support other people.

To learn more go to

Dealing with online hate

Find out what to do if you, or someone you know, comes across hateful content online.

Last updated: 21/10/2022