Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Student and community resources

Make good choices online and make your mob proud.

Watch these videos and check out the posters. Follow the different stories and learn how cyberbulling, sexting and social media comments can affect you and your community.


Watch the videos

Video: That's not team spirit

Find out what happens when Sharlise sends a sexy pic of herself to the local football hero Bud.

Video: Dumb stuff

Ryan and his mates are clowning around filming themselves doing dumb stuff but it soon creates a big mess!

Video: Little things

This video shows how a little comment on a social networking site can easily turn into a big deal!

Video: Respect circle

Find out what the respect circle is and how it can be used to start a conversation about online safety.

Video: The journey so far

Go behind the scenes and meet the Aboriginal actors and crew who created the Be Deadly Online videos.

Video: Digital footprint

Discover how your posts and comments online create a trail of information called a digital footprint.

Video: Cyberbullying

Learn about bullying online and what to do if you, or someone you know is targeted.

Resources for teachers and communities

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