Evaluation of eSafety's Early Years program

eSafety’s educational resources for early childhood educators, parents and carers help to establish good online habits in children under five.

Two of the program's resources have been evaluated as part of eSafety's commitment to continuous improvement:

How we evaluated

A series of interviews, an online survey and focus groups were conducted with educators, parents and carers who had used the resources.  

The results were gathered over a six month period and then evaluated. The findings are presented in two separate reports. 

The first is an independent report prepared by Synergistiq. It gives an insight into the level of parental engagement with the booklet. It also looks at the degree of practice change among early childhood educators after they finished the learning modules.

The second report was prepared internally by eSafety. It provides details about how many people viewed or downloaded the booklet. It also shows the number of learning modules that educators completed and their immediate reactions after they finished.

Key findings

eSafety's Early Years resources have been positively received by educators, parents and carers since they were developed and released in 2020.   

The Synergistiq report

  • Most of the parents who were surveyed felt more confident to discuss online safety with their children and take action after reading the booklet. 
  • Many educators said that completing the learning modules enabled them to reflect on how digital technology could be safely used as a teaching tool. 
  • Half of the educators surveyed said the learning modules increased their confidence to talk about online safety with children and respond to their concerns. 

The eSafety report

  • The Online safety for under 5s booklet has been viewed or downloaded 12,805 times.  
  • 26,519 hardcover booklets have been ordered by organisations including preschools, community groups and primary schools.  
  • 3,467 educators completed, or were currently completing, a professional learning module as part of their training.

The Synergistiq report

Download the PDF file to read or print the report.

The eSafety report

Two versions of the eSafety report have been created:

  • an interactive version
  • a static version.


Interactive version

Click on the arrows to move between the report pages. You can also highlight the maps and graphs to show the visual connection between the findings. 



Static version

Download the PDF file to read or print this version of the report.