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Become a Trusted eSafety Provider

What is the Trusted eSafety Provider program?

The Trusted eSafety Provider program is a key part of eSafety’s national leadership role in online safety education.

Through the Trusted eSafety Provider program, eSafety endorses and works with providers of quality online safety education programs to schools and other audiences around Australia.

To be endorsed as a Trusted eSafety Provider, you will need to demonstrate suitable expertise and experience, an evidence-based approach to online safety education, and compliance with appropriate child safety, insurance, and other relevant requirements.

Trusted eSafety Providers are leaders in online safety education who play an important role in educating and empowering the public on online safety issues and raising awareness of how to seek help, including through eSafety.

Why should I apply to be a Trusted eSafety Provider?

  1. Be promoted to schools and other organisations

    All Trusted eSafety Providers are promoted on with relevant information to help schools and other organisations find a suitable provider for their needs.

  2. Display your tick of endorsement

    eSafety encourages schools and other community organisations to look for the Trusted eSafety Provider ‘tick’ when seeking an online safety education provider. Displaying the Trusted eSafety Provider logo tells potential clients you have met eSafety’s standards for quality online safety education.

  3. Join a professional network

    As a Trusted eSafety Provider you will be a part of a professional network of diverse organisations that work in online safety education across Australia.

    Our community of practice provides a collaborative and collegiate environment to make connections, build networks and participate in professional development.

  4. Access insights and trends

    The community of practice also gives members access to the latest online safety and related research, industry insights and trends – directly from eSafety and other subject matter experts in government, academia and the non-government sector.

    Providers also share their own insights, helping eSafety to understand emerging online safety trends and identify potential responses.

  5. Benchmark your program

    Applying for endorsement as a Trusted eSafety Provider is a great opportunity to benchmark your online safety program against eSafety's Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education. The process also involves reviewing your policies in other key areas such as child safety.

What do current providers say about the program?

‘We are proud to be endorsed as a Trusted eSafety Provider.’

‘This program makes such a difference for educators and students in getting trusted, quality and accurate information in their school incursions.’

‘Wonderful to be part of such a dynamic and collaborative group.’

‘The power lies in the diversity, different backgrounds, different perspectives [it] provides wonderful support to schools and organisations in keeping our kids safe online.’

‘Love being part of this group.’

‘Everyone is so invested in making sure young people and the community have positive experiences online. Working together and sharing insights helps keep young people safer.’

Who can become a Trusted eSafety Provider?

Membership of the Trusted eSafety Provider program is open to Australian providers of online safety education programs to schools and other audiences, including community organisations, sporting clubs and tertiary education institutions. Your organisation must have an ABN or ACN and a registered business address in Australia.

Trusted eSafety Providers come from a range of professional backgrounds and include sole traders, small-medium enterprises, non-government organisations and registered charities. 

Eligibility is open to providers of programs that deal exclusively with online safety, as well as those whose programs address online safety within a broader context or alongside related material (for example, mental health and wellbeing, relationships and sexuality education). In this case, only the online safety components of the program can be endorsed by eSafety.

To be eligible to apply, your online safety education program will need to be publicly accessible to a range of prospective clients within your specified audience types and service area locations. Individuals or organisations that deliver services only within an institution (such as in-house professional development services) are not eligible for the program.

How do I become a Trusted eSafety Provider?

To be endorsed as a Trusted eSafety Provider, you will need to demonstrate that you meet each of the program requirements.

These are set out in the Trusted eSafety Provider Agreement, a sample copy of which can be downloaded on this page.

As part of the application process, you will be required to demonstrate how your online safety education program aligns with eSafety’s Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education

The process involves an online application form, referee checks and program observation. Before starting an application, you should carefully review the program requirements and agreement and prepare all necessary information and supporting evidence. You can also contact if you require assistance.

Successful applicants are then required to enter into a Trusted eSafety Provider Agreement with eSafety.

To maintain endorsement, Trusted eSafety Providers must participate in the community of practice and submit an annual report containing key program delivery numbers and providing assurance of ongoing compliance with all program requirements.

Applications to join the Trusted eSafety Provider Program are now open.

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Last updated: 16/08/2023