Swoosh, Glide and Rule Number 5

About this resource

Our Swoosh and Glide education material can be used to teach lower primary students how to make good choices when they are online. Teachers can read the picture book to the class or read along with the video, and then explore the puzzles with students.

Target audience


Lower primary


Time online, Respectful online relationships, Permission, Digital resilience, Critical thinking

Type of resource

Picture book, narrated video of the book, puzzle activity book


30-minute reading session and discussion

Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

Digital Technologies, Health and Physical Education

General capabilities

Literacy, ICT Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking

Using this resource

This resource is suitable for children in lower primary school and younger.

The picture book follows the adventures of Swoosh and Glide who have a fun family sleepover with their sugar glider cousins. It explores some of the common online experiences of children, shows what to do when something unexpected happens on a screen, and highlights safe internet practices for the whole family.

Use the book to:

  • start the chat about online safety with your students
  • encourage student self-reflection about how to use technology safely
  • establish online rules together to follow in the home or at school.

To turn the pages, click or tap on the arrows next to the page numbers. 

To view the book in full screen, hover your cursor over the top right corner of any page, click or tap on the dots, then click or tap on the screen button.

To download the book, hover your cursor over the top right corner of any page, click or tap on the dots, then click or tap on the download icon (with down arrow) and select the PDF file. You can download the pages separately by selecting the JPG or PNG file option.

To share the book with others, hover your cursor over the top right corner of any page, click or tap on the dots, then click or tap on the share icon (with side arrow) and select from the social media options or copy the link.

Watch the video

Written and illustrated by Barbara Uecker and Peter Viska and read by Jimmy Rees.

Swoosh and Glide story time video

Travel into the Australian bush to the treetop home of eSafety sugar glider twins Swoosh and Glide as they learn about being safe online with their family.

Swoosh and Glide story time video Auslan

An Auslan interpreter brings to life the story of Swoosh, Glide and Rule Number 5.

Solve the picture puzzles

Read the four stories in the activity book and use the picture puzzles to talk about online safety rules with your students. These scenarios will help them develop life-long skills for using digital technologies in a safe and positive way.

To download or share the book, or view it in full screen, hover your cursor over the top right hand corner of any page and then click to select your option. 

Other teacher resources

How our class stays safe online is a resource for 5 to 8 year old children about safe online behaviour. It includes discussion questions, a poster and guidelines about how to create a tech agreement.

Print and display the posters to remind students about your class rules and positive online behaviour. 

Additional activity

Encourage your students to create a family tech agreement for the home, with their parents and carers. Agreeing on a set of rules with their family can help children to develop their digital intelligence and build good habits around technology.