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Being safe online - Easy Read

Being safe online

About this resource

A booklet providing advice about being safe online, in Easy Read format - simple everyday language supported by images. This is sometimes known as 'Easy English' format.

Target audience


Lower primary, Lower secondary, Middle primary, Middle secondary, Upper primary, Upper secondary


Accessing support, Cyberbullying, Online friends, Online security, Privacy and personal information, Respectful online relationships

Type of resource

Booklet, handout


Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

Health and Physical Education

General capabilities

Ethical Understandings, Personal and Social Capability

Key outcomes

eSafety has produced this booklet to provide advice about being safe online, in simple everyday language supported by images.

This booklet will enable students or adults who may require extra support, to access and understand advice on how to manage online challenges.  

Using this resource

You can download the booklet and use it to support students’ understanding of how to stay safe online, the concepts of privacy, online friends and where to get help if something goes wrong. 

Download the booklet