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Online safety teaching posters

The key to establishing online safety as a life-long skill is to start talking about it early. 

eSafety’s online safety teaching posters provide three pictures on each poster to help explain our key messages for young children:

  • Be safe
  • Be kind
  • Ask for help
  • Make good choices

The pictures provide discussion opportunities with children, as they can relate what they are seeing in the pictures to what they might do at home or with their friends. In the bottom right corner of each picture is a ‘screen image’ representing what the people in the pictures might be seeing on their screen. 

Ideas for questions to facilitate discussions and further learning experiences to extend children’s understandings can be found in the accompanying Educator Notes and within eSafety’s professional learning for early childhood educators.

This set of four posters and Educator Notes can be downloaded below.

The posters can also be ordered free by all early learning services in Australia.

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Meet Swoosh and Glide!

Swoosh and Glide are eSafety’s baby sugar glider twins who want to help other little Aussies learn about online safety and develop positive attitudes and habits with digital technology as they grow. Find them on the posters and in our online safety picture book and song and educational story puzzles!


Last updated: 19/04/2021