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How we can help

eSafety can help Australians experiencing online bullying or abuse to take action or make a complaint.

We also help by offering online safety training, presentations and workshops, research insights and a wealth of information for parents and carers, older Australians, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, women, young people and kids through our website.

Are you under 18 and experiencing cyberbullying or online abuse?

eSafety can take action to get serious cyberbullying material removed, and provide advice, support and assistance if you are an Australian child or young person under 18. But for eSafety to investigate cyberbullying, the harmful content must meet a legal ‘threshold’. The harmful content must have first been reported to the service or platform used to send, post or share it before it is reported to eSafety. 

Parents or carers can make also make a complaint on behalf of someone under 18. Find out more information about how you can report cyberbullying to us.

Are you 18 or older and experiencing online abuse?

eSafety treats all reports of adult cyber abuse seriously. But for eSafety to investigate and direct an online or electronic service or platform to remove harmful content, the adult cyber abuse must meet a legal ‘threshold’.

The harmful content also must first be reported to the service or platform used to send, post or share it before it is reported to eSafety. Find out more information about how you can report adult cyber abuse to us.

Has someone shared or threatened to share intimate images of you without your consent?

No matter what your age, we can help to get the intimate images or video removed and, in some cases, take action against the person who shared, or threatened to share, the material.

Read our advice and tips on dealing with image-based abuse, including how you can take action and get support. 

Are you worried about using technology safely in an abusive relationship? 

If you are experiencing domestic and family violence, safe access to technology is important. This helps you stay connected to family and friends, and provides an easy way to get information and support. 

Find out how to identify technology-facilitated abuse, how to protect yourself, and your family, and stay safe. 

Have you found offensive content online that may be prohibited, such as child sexual abuse material?

Our Cyber Report team prioritises investigations into online child sexual abuse material and works with law enforcement and the global network INHOPE to remove this content wherever it is hosted. Find out how to make a report.

Are you feeling distressed by online abuse?

If you are experiencing any form of online abuse you do not need to face it alone. Counselling is available online, over the phone and face-to-face. You can also find support groups and get legal advice. 

Check out our directory of counselling and support services

Are you looking for a presenter to talk to your group about online safety?

eSafety can provide free tailored presentations and workshops for groups wishing to build their online safety knowledge and skills. Find out about our community education for parent and carer groups, corporate groups, sporting organisations and community groups.

Do you work with young people and need to better understand their online world and the risks they face? 

We provide online safety training for frontline services and organisations working with young people. Find out more about our training for professionals.

Are you a teacher looking for relevant curriculum resources?

We offer online classroom resources, virtual classrooms and guidance for developing school online safety policies to assist teachers and schools in guiding students to become responsible digital citizens.  

Do you need statistics about online safety? 

All our resources, services and programs are evidence-based and underpinned by research into internet use, online safety and related issues. Explore our reports and infographics by topic.

Do you want to be better informed about online risks and how to protect yourself? 

Our website brings together a wealth of useful information to help Australians have safe, enjoyable experiences online. It includes content for: 

  • kids — fun activities and simple advice 
  • young people — help and advice for teenagers and young adults
  • parents and carers — tips to help their children safely navigate the online world
  • women — tools to help women protect themselves from technology-facilitated abuse, and ways to be more confident online.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples — resources to keep your mob safe online
  • seniors — activities to increase digital skills, confidence and safety

Last updated: 13/04/2023