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Webinars for schools

eSafety's expert trainers deliver live online safety lessons to schools via Virtual Classroom webinars.

We work with the three education sectors to deliver webinars nationally including to regional and remote areas. Different topics are run throughout the year, covering a range of current online safety issues. The advice is informed by the latest research and intelligence from our investigation teams and eSafety's Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education

Our Virtual Classroom webinars are live video sessions where a trainer talks through a slide deck presentation and facilitates student interaction using moderated chats and polls. Students usually participate in their school classroom using a smartboard, guided by their teacher. 

The webinars run for about 40 minutes and include resources and links to further information and support.

Upcoming Virtual Classroom webinars

Technical note

We work with the host education department or sector to deliver Virtual Classroom webinars on their preferred video conferencing platform. We have experience with a variety of platforms including GoToWebinar, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Connection details will be provided to the teacher upon registration.

To provide the best possible audience experience, we recommend that before participating in a webinar, teachers liaise with their technical team to test the local internet connection and equipment.

Our school webinars are designed to be used with one connection per classroom. Using the same connection for more than one classroom may impact on student engagement and interactivity. Individual student connections will not be accepted.

WATCH NOW: Virtual Classroom webinars

Learn more about how our interactive Virtual Classroom webinars empower students and teachers to have safer online experiences.

Other education resources

eSafety no longer delivers face-to-face presentations in schools. You can check our list of Trusted eSafety Providers to find a company or organisation that does provide face-to-face presentations.

You can also access eSafety’s wide range of online safety classroom resources. Some past Virtual Classroom webinars are released as resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

For professional development that keeps you up-to-date with the latest online safety issues and strategies, you can access our free professional learning program for teachers.

Last updated: 04/12/2023